Monday, 30 May 2011

The Deceptions in Obama’s Speech at the American State Department Reveal the Falsehood of American Policies

Last night, Obama gave a speech from the American State Department, aimed at the people of the Middle East, which he filled with numerous deceptions. Among these was the [claim] that America backs and supports the peoples of the region in their revolutions against the dictator rulers who have been oppressing them. Obama claimed he will aid the new governments established by these revolutions by cancelling some of their debts, and facilitating new loans from the IMF and World Bank, focusing specifically on Egypt.
Towards the end of his speech, Obama confirmed that America supports a two-state solution in Palestine: one state for the Jews, tranquil and secure whose safety America will protect; and one for the people of Palestine, crippled and deprived of weapons!
He forgot, or pretended to forget, that Palestine is an Islamic land, from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river, and it return to origin, by Allah’s leave, regardless of the enemies of Islam.
The one who examines Obama’s speech will find it turns the facts upside down. Anyone with sight can see and knows well that the oppressive, tyrant rulers in the Muslim lands are fostered by the West, especially America. Is there anyone who could deny the firm bond between Mubarak and America, to the extent it was said he is more American than the Americans themselves? And is there anyone who did not see the devious American announcements during the revolution of Tahrir square in Egypt? America supported Mubarak’s stance, and advised him on what he should do, and gave fleeting attention to Tahrir square. America was aware of the brutality of Mubarak towards the people, killing hundreds and injuring thousands, even using horses and camels against them, but they did not protest or raise their voice, until they became convinced that Mubarak was unable to kill any more, and the revolutionaries were on the verge of getting their hands on his throat, without fear of his thugs! At that point, America changed her tone and direction; she spat Mubarak out, and began to frantically search among his old and new guard for someone to take his place to protect her interests.
Now America repeats the same steps in Syria. Her lenient words towards the Syrian regime have been noted, even by politicians in America, and indeed the world at large. Despite the killings, massacres and injuring of the people, destroying their homes and mosques for two months, America averted her gaze from the Syrian regime.  However, when the determination of the Syrian people to remove the regime increased, despite the bloodbath, America came out with a shameful pronouncement, saying, “Bashar can either lead the political transition or get out of the way!” In other words, America wants to put in charge of the people’s uprising – against the oppression of the regime, its violence and massacres – the very man who is carrying out the oppression, violence and massacres! America now acts towards Bashar as she did with Mubarak; she will give him the time to kill the people and oppress them; if he becomes unable to kill any people, and his fall into the hands of the revolutionaries seems imminent, she will come out with announcements to flatter them, and pull away her supporting hand from the Syrian dictator!
Indeed America is the head of Kufr and Colonialism. Obama’s deceptions cannot improve her image, as perfume cannot beautify the decrepit. America only looks to her material interests, even if they lie on top of the skulls of others. This is the case even if she has to compete with the European Union (her partner in exploiting people) in colonising the Muslim  lands, as they currently compete in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain and other sensitive regions of our lands. Indeed these states are hateful of Islam and the Muslims, and the values which Obama sings about, are in fact the same hate which the West, and America particularly manifested in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo. It is the continuous bombardment of the Muslims of Pakistan from her drones; it is the cowardly assassination of an unarmedshaheed in his home rather than facing him on the battlefield. It is the financial domination in our lands through the World Bank, IMF, using loans, unproductive projects, heavy riba (interest), and control of exports and imports, until the majority of our lands, which are rich in resources, suffer under the weight of huge debts and increasing riba. It is the continued support of the Israeli entity, which usurps Palestine, while committing savage crimes against our people night and day. These are the values of America, indeed they are her most prominent values!
O Muslims:
The speech of Obama was not unlike previous speeches. It was a new version of old matters. He mentioned in it what he has stated before, particularly in his Cairo speech two years ago. The only slightly new matter, was that he concentrated, raised his voice and gave emphasis to his support for a Jewish state, and protecting its security, until he exceeded the concern of the Jews themselves! He excluded the issue of Jerusalem and (return of) the refugees from discussions, placing them in the periphery, and not among the fundamental issues. He mixed the issue of the 1967 borders, and the exchange of land in the clearest expression of [his intention] to include the settlements as part of the Jewish state, so they will not be part of the crippled and disarmed Palestinian micro-state.
O Muslims:
Yes, the speech of Obama was not unlike previous speeches. It is normal and expected of Obama and other American presidents since the beginning of the Palestine issue. What is indeed painful is that Obama’s speech covered the Muslim lands, addressing this land and then another, saying “this is permitted, that is not permitted”, as though the Muslim lands were among the states of America!
The Muslim lands, which once were the centre of the world when the Khilafah was present, which the friend would respect and the enemy would fear, spreading goodness in the regions of the world, have become, in the absence of the Khilafah, a stage upon which Obama performs. What increases the pain is that the American president, alongside all of this, has the rulers of the Muslim lands allied to him. They come to him with their heads bowed, thinking that they will attain honour and protection from him, and this thought of theirs has destroyed them. They do not pay heed to the Speech of Allah, “Give tidings to the hypocrites that there is for them a painful punishment – Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do they seek with them honor [through power]? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely.” [an-Nisa’ v.138-139]
Nor do they take a lesson from the observable events, in which they witnessed America spit out those who were like them once they had played out their roles!
O Muslims, Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon you:
Is it not time for you to realise that the Khilafah is an obligation from your Lord, the command of your Messenger, the path to your Izzah and the way to your revival? Is it not time for you to hasten in working alongside the workers of Hizb ut-Tahrir to establish the Khilafah, and fulfil the promise of your Lord, “Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them..[an-Nour, v.55]”. And the promise of your Prophet, “Then there will Khilafah upon the manner of Prophethood” [Musnad Ahmed]
Then the earth will enlightened by the Khilafah once more, and America and the West will retreat to their homeland, if a homeland remains for them.
Is it not time for you to turn yourselves towards Allah, making haste, and in repentance, before death overtakes you and you are left with regrets, when it is too late for regret, “So flee to Allah . Indeed, I am to you from Him a clear warner.” [adh-Dhariyaat, v.50] (Ends)

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Friday, 6 May 2011

Traitor rulers mount a suicide attack against Pakistan’s sovereignty

When US President Obama told the world that US special forces had killed Osama Bin Ladin in Abbotabad, Pakistan, it provoked a storm of media commentary. He claimed that justice had been done, blaming Bin Ladin for the 9/11 attacks.
It should surprise people that after Obama’s announcement, that there was so little comment about what America has done supposedly to secure this ‘justice’: wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, military operations in Yemen and elsewhere, hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed, millions more injured and displaced, an estimated US$ 1.3 trillion expense, the destabilisation of different regions of the world, and the promotion of sectarianism … all allegedly to ‘get their man’.
The United States has given itself the right to be judge, jury and executioner when it feels a crime has been committed against it – ignoring its own moral deficit when it comes to foreign policy crimes, which invalidate any judicial pretensions they have. And even if it had been their aim to take revenge for 9/11, it is not ‘justice’ to act like a US Marshal in the ‘wild west’, policing the world with the ‘justice’ of the gun. It is simply the expression of naked power, and does nothing to make the world a safer and more just place.
Indeed, if anything it is an echo of US ‘justice’ in the ‘war on terror’, such as in Guantanamo Bay and its programme of extraordinary rendition.
The main result of Obama’s carefully crafted speech – aside from the boost in his domestic approval rating – is that the western media now portrays Pakistan, in particular its military, as ‘public enemy number one’ to its own population.
US foreign policy has thrived for decades on the exaggerated manufacture of an enemy, around whom they can construct plans to execute predetermined strategies. Previous examples have been Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union, Communism, Iran etc. Where an individual or a regime or a system has indeed committed crimes, it makes the case easier to construct, and the subsequent policies easier to execute.
Once again, the government of Pakistan has tolerated [and maybe even assisted] a violation of its sovereign territory by a foreign military. No country in the world would do this, especially allowing the United States – with its blood-stained record of black-ops, duplicity and sights on Pakistan’s nuclear assets – free reign within Pakistan.
The basic function of securing the people has been sold off by the government in Pakistan, whose duty should have been to demand the expulsion of US military, security and intelligence personnel from Pakistan; and an end to bombing Pakistan and killing more civilians with their unmanned drone aircraft – withdrawing the vital support they give the US for this.
The only way to harness security for the sake of the people in Pakistan, and elsewhere in the Muslim world, is by the justice and rules of Islam, under the authority of the Ummah, and independent of western colonial powers. This will only be achieved by restoration of the Khilafah State, and we call all people to work politically on the method of the Prophet (SAW) for this.

Traitor rulers hand over Pakistan to America so that Obama can be re-elected and Pakistan can be portrayed as a base of terrorism
Pakistan’s traitor rulers have proved their slavery to America and treachery yet again. The Abbotabad operation represents a suicide attack mounted by the traitor rulers’ against Pakistan’s sovereignty. It appears as a historical first that rulers should encourage an attack against their own country and then thank and congratulate the enemy. The rulers gave permission for an American military operation in the dead of night in a secure town, Abbotabad, merely fifty kilometers from the capital Islamabad. The attack by three American helicopters and navy Seals took place less than a kilometer from the sensitive Pakistan Military Academy. The details of the event are a cruel joke. It is not possible that the agencies were unaware of the residents of a huge 10 Canal compound that had been constructed as far back as four years ago. This ridiculous Hollywood scripted story is to portray Pakistan, the world’s sole Muslim nuclear power, as the greatest threat to world security and so that any type of operation can be mounted against it. The rulers have adopted the same stance regarding the attacks as they have adopted over drone attacks. To avoid embarrassment, whilst officially denying any involvement of knowledge of the attack, the rulers leaked reports confirming that the operations could never take place without Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. This attack only benefits America and specifically Obama. Firstly, Obama can now portray his failed crusade as a victory to his people, securing his re-election. Secondly, America has now claimed its right before the world that it can unilaterally mount attacks within any sovereign country, any time it likes, without approval from the United Nations or any other international institution. Thirdly, the silence of the traitor rulers over the attack grants America a blank check to extend at will its military operations beyond the tribal areas to any city within Pakistan, whether using military helicopters or aircrafts. This attack is the greatest gift that the traitor rulers have yet granted America. The traitor rulers have thus granted America an open hand to spread their war against Pakistan throughout the country. Indeed, RasulAllah SAW spoke the truth when he said that the biggest treachery is that of the rulers. We call upon the politicians and media to raise their voices against this open attack upon Pakistan’s sovereignty. We call upon the sincere within the armed forces that instead of merely observing the destruction of the country, they should rid the country of the traitor rulers and grant the Nussrah to Hizb ut-Tahrir for the establishment of the Khilafah (Ends)